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Corynth has high quality music provided by lavalink, which allows for all sorts of filters and settings to make your experience better

Image Manipulation

Corynth has image manipulation features that allow you to change how an image or a user's avatar looks, or create memes


Corynth has configuration features which allow for things such as welcome and goodbye messages, autoroles for users and bots and more


Corynth has information features which allow for you to find out information about the bot, your server, a user, and more


Corynth has moderation features that allow you to bulk delete messages from a channel, ban or kick users, lock and unlock chnnels and more


Corynth has security which protects commands which should be locked, to certain permissions so users can't use those commands without correct permissions

There are more features which have not been covered here, which can be found by running the c!help command